About Catalogue Data / CAD Data

How product details are shown

No. Item Content
1 CAD data To support customer design needs, CAD data for TAKIGEN products is available for free download.


3D:ACIS / STEP / Parasolid / IGES


CAD data can be downloaded from product details pages on the English website or Japanese website.

If the button color is bright, a file is available for download.
If the button color is faint, a file is unavailable. Please contact us.

In addition to searching by product number and product name, products can also be searched by category in a visual index. Here for search methods.

CAD data can also be downloaded from our digital catalogue.

2 Method of display
  • All diagrams are drawn trigonometrically; measurements are shown in mm.
  • Units of allowable load, etc., are given as SI units based on the New Measurement Law. For convenience’ sake non-SI units are given in brackets ( ).
  • As a general rule indications of material and finish refer only to the main component. Naming, symbols, etc., used are those specified in the JIS Standards.
  • As a general rule panel drilling measurements are given; these should be used when installing.
3 Attention
  • Please note that details given (shape, name, specifications, material, price) are subject to alteration without notice for the purpose of product improvement.
  • When using or selecting a product, always carry out an in situ test based on the reference data given on the website before making your decision.
  • The data on the website are not standard values. Please note also that details given are subject to alteration without notice for the purpose of improving performance and amending the specifications.
  • Before use always carry out your own prior tests to verify that the product is suited to your proposed use. We do not guarantee that the applications suggested in the text do not conflict with any kind of patent.
4 Notes
  • TAKIGEN products are manufactured for general industrial use. For use in special circumstances, such as medical care etc., do not use until you have carried out your own prior tests and ascertained the safety of the product with regard to the usage in question.
  • TAKIGEN products carry the mark TAKIGEN as a sign of guaranteed quality.
  • We have provided as much test data for each product as possible. Should more detailed data be needed, please enquire.
5 Prices
  • The prices accessible on the WEB site are denoted in Japanese yen. The prices are different by country, currency rate and commission. Please confirm the prices at a nearby sales agent.
  • The prices shown in the final catalogue PDF data on the website are taken from the PDF data of the paper General Catalogue. Intended for transactions between dealers, these prices are not covered by the obligation to display the total amount, and so do not include consumption tax.
  • Prices do not include shipping costs.
  • The prices shown are subject to change without notice to reflect improvements, etc.
  • We can provide quotations for large orders. Please enquire at your nearest sales outlet.