Technical information

Mark description

The product details page gives icons indicating product features so material and key type can be seen at a glance.

  • Attention

    Mis-operation causes accident or failure. Be sure to understand this item to ensure safety.
  • New Product

    New TAKIGEN products.
  • Takigen Green Mark

    This mark indicates one of the many products we market that are compatible with the EU RoHS.
    Directive on the restriction of the use of specified hazardous substances in electrical and electronic appliances, which came into effect on 1st July, 2006.
    : Item compatible with the RoHS Directive
    : Item that can be made compatible with the RoHS Directive; please inquire.

    Our environmental policy and quality policy : ISO, RoHS

  • Titanium series

    Half the weight of stainless steel, with the strength of steel and completely corrosion-proof in sea water: this product is made of Titanium, a metal that is light, strong and rust-proof.
  • Stainless steel series

    The products use stainless steel SUS316, SUS304 or SUS430.
  • Color series

    A variety of standard colors are available. Ask for optional colors.
  • Waterproof

    The products are waterproof and use O-ring and sheet packing.
  • Antibacterial

    Antibacterial material is used.
  • Three-point securing

    The tall cabinet, for example, is secured at the three points of the upper, middle and lower of the cabinet. Use a rod, wire, latch or roller unit together.
  • Tightening

    Tighten the packing as soon as the locking is executed so the powerful airtight closure is made. Suitable for use in the areas that need EMI-proof, anti-vibration and noise reduction.
  • High-security TAK

    For superior crime prevention, the High-security Lock TAK series is provided as standard, or may be fitted.
  • Master system

    The custom-made single key opens all the locks or handles that have their own individual sub-keys. Consult us.
  • Master change

    As standard specifications the products with this mark are the same key numbers and different individual key. The master key system can be employed in these products. These are custom-made so please consult us.
  • Key change

    The key number can be changed by replacing the locking section, for example - No. 0200 key to No. R0220 key or No. R200 key to No. 500 key. Consult us.
  • Two-position key removal

    The key can be inserted and removed when the padlock is locked and when it is unlocked.
  • Heat proof registration

    The products with this mark passed the severe fire-resistance test to make a heatproof power control board including fire fighting and security equipment used in public facilities work well. And these products were registered by the Emergency Power Control Board Approval Committee of the Japan Power Control Board Industry Association.
  • Incombustibility

    Made of a fire retarding material equivalent to the UL-94.

    Conforms to SEMI S8-0701, a safety standard for semiconductor and FPD producing equipment.
  • Antiparticle

    Restricts the generation of metallic particles.
  • CAD data

    The products with this mark have the CAD data of 2D file or 3D file.
    You can download the CAD data from URL
    2D: Two dimensions (dxf) file
    3D: Three dimensions (ACIS, STEP, Parasolid, IGES) file